Friday is only a few days away. Remember, the next With All Your Mind event will be on Friday-Sunday, March 31-April 2.  The Speakers will be Glenn Paauw, Paul Caminiti, and Scott Bolinder from the Institute for Bible Reading.

The  talks are titled "A New Future with the Bible.” The modern era has given us a new Bible paradigm. The format of the Scriptures was altered, and this led us to use the Bible more like a reference tool and less like a story. Current research shows Bible reading and fluency in a freefall, and indifference (or even hostility) increasing rapidly. Is there a better future for the Bible than this? What’s the path to that future? The answer lies in finding fresh answers to the key questions: What is the Bible? and What are we supposed to do with it? The rediscovery of elegant Bibles, built for feasting together rather than snacking alone, can lead us to a world where the Bible flourishes.  


  • Friday March 31, 7:00 PMMore Is Less: Our Modern Bible (Glenn Paauw). What’s going on with the Bible these days? Less reading. Less understanding. Less influence. Part of the reason for this surely lies in the historical journey of the Bible itself. The form of the Bible has changed significantly over its history. Our modern format has transformed what we think the Bible is and what we think we’re supposed to do with it. What are the implications of having a fragmented and complicated Bible that we engage, if at all, primarily in isolation from others?
  • Saturday, April 1, 10:00 AM: Less Is More: Our Bible After Modernity (Glenn Paauw). The first step to a new future with the Bible is to recreate elegant Bibles so we can rediscover the real Bible behind all the modern additives. Readers’ editions of the Scriptures reveal the books as the different kinds of writings they are. They make letters look like letters, songs like songs, stories like stories. They open up the Bible to be read as God’s great story of redemption once again. In short, with elegant Bibles we can reunite the true, the good, and the beautiful.
  • Saturday, April 1, 1:00 PM: Feasting on the Scriptures (Scott Bolinder). Creating a new kind of Bible will allow us to also rediscover long lost Bible practices. We can go beyond snacking on Bible verses and begin feasting on whole books again. As we begin to read big we will read with more understanding. The messages of books will come together to tell us the saving narrative, centered in Jesus. As we learn to read together and experience unmediated conversations about the text, the story of Jesus will do its intended work of reshaping whole communities. The end game of the Bible will be realized, as we are invited into the narrative itself to take up our own roles in God’s worldwide drama of restoration and new life.
  • Sunday, April 2, 10:30 AM (during Faith Covenant’s normal worship service): The Scriptures Flourishing (Paul Caminiti). Increasingly, many are trying to live a Bibleless Christianity. The challenge of our time can bring us back to foundational questions: Why did God send us his holy Scriptures in the first place? What mission did he send them on? What does it look like when our communities of faith are fully receiving all the gifts of God’s word? What would be different in our churches, and in our individual lives if the Bible took up its rightful place once again? In short, what does it look like when the Bible is flourishing?

All sessions will be at Faith Evangelical Covenant Church at 4965 Barnes Road, Colorado Springs, CO 80917.

Please join us. The events are free. So we can plan for seating and snacks, an RSVP would be appreciated but is not necessary.

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